The Fund continues the work started by Reverend James T. McKenna in order to assist and support those recovering from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, and to support organizations that assist those recovering and/or affected from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs.

Funding Interests are recommended but not limited to the following: tuition, books, school supplies, equipment, retreat fees, financial assistance, clothing for job interviews, etc.
Restrictions & Eligibility on Awards

For Individuals:

A minimum of six months must elapse between awards to individuals, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Board. Maximum award: $1,000 per year.
Awards for legal assistance or fines cannot be granted.

For Groups:
 A minimum of one year must elapse between awards for groups/organizations unless agreed upon by the Board. Maximum award: $2,000
    State or County Agencies are not eligible as a group, however groups/organizations that are tax exempt under section 501-(c)-3 of Internal Revenue Code of 1986, such as the Ladder Project are eligible.


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